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Home Buying - From Start to Finish

Whether you are a first time home buyer or just ready to purchase your next home, this guide serves as quick easy overview of the ins and out of the home buying process.

Step 1. Get pre-approved!

Talk to a lender, get a pre-approval so you can set your budget. Choose a loan vehicle in which you want to finance your new house with such as FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional or Cash. This is great time to assess the value of your home (I can assist by getting you a market analysis on your home) if you have a home to sell. You can use the proceeds as a down payment for your next home. Not sure where to start? I can point you in the right direction.

Step 2. Choose a Realtor. You can you give me a call at any time throughout the pre-home buying process. The best time would be when you first start thinking of buying, or moving. The earlier the better so I can help guide you through the process.

Step 3. Start looking for Houses. Most people spend approximately a year searching for home online so more than likely you know what you are looking for. Make a list of things you can't live without. Once complete prioritize the list. We will set up a search which is updated daily with new listings, these can be sent to your email. You choose the ones you like, we then make an appointment to see them.

Step 4. Make an Offer When you see the house you want to make your home we will then submit an offer. I will assist with pricing, negotiation, ensuring contracts are executed accurately and lawfully along with any contingencies.

Step 5. Seal the Deal. Once the offer has been accepted all proper paper work will be signed and filed. Copies will be sent to lender in order to start the underwriting process. You have just placed an offer to buy your home!

Step 6. Schedule the Inspection. We will have 10 days from offer accepted to inspection the home. I have a list of pros who can help. At this time we would request any necessary repairs that were found in the inspection to be completed, and to verify anything mentioned in the seller's disclosure notice.

Step 7. Wait for Funding Approval. While the appraisal and other needed inspection are being completed, underwriting is now processing your mortgage file . The Abstract/Title Company is getting the Title ready for Title Opinion. This can be a lengthy process; thats why we normally plan for 30-45 days from start to finish on closing on a home. Sit back, relax and wait for the "Clear to Close" notification from. Be prepared to furnish current paystubs, w2 and other items asked by banker/broker.

Step 8. Clear to Close! We have received the GO to close! A time will be set up for a final walkthrough - this is a chance to verify all repairs have been complete, and overall condition of your new home is the same as the day you put an offer on it. We will set up an appointment to sign all the paperwork so you can move into your new Home!

Moving Day! - The day has finally arrived, what a journey. With the help of me, your Realtor®, it will be fun, exciting, and worry free.

Let's get started Today!