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Divorcing my Home

You are staring at yourself in the mirror, distraught, frustrated, perhaps angry... but more over you feel alone. You keep replaying in your head the events that brought you to this inevitable demise. You both have decided to get a divorce. Despite all the emotions you may be going through, or dealing with, there is a lingering topic that will evidentially need to be resolved. What will happen to the marital home.

Sometimes one person may choose to keep the home by buying out the other spouse, or they may decide to keep and sell after the divorce is finalized. Most, end up choosing to sell during the divorce.

This would be a perfect opportunity to insert a plug for you to give me a call, so I can come to rescue and create a winning situation when it seems like you are losing everything. The fact of the matter is, this maybe one of the hardest events we will go through, despite the yearning for normalcy we will have to face some facts:

1. All decisions will have to be made equally and both parties will have to agree.

2. Though experienced, I am not a therapist, nor a lawyer... I am your Realtor, and your friend.

3. The house may need some work before it is ready for the market. One, or both parties will need to participate in cleaning and incurred expenses.

4. One or both parties may stay living in the home throughout the duration of the sale. It happens... all the time.

5. You will need to agree on the finalization of the sale.

6. Proceeds will need to be divided. Your attorney should help negotiate how these proceeds will be divided.

Divorce is often an emotional roller coaster. There will be days where you just don't feel like participating in the sale of your home. This process takes a lot of consideration, patience and experience. A Realtor's job should be to ensure your home is sold quickly, for a fair price so the both of you, can move on and begin the next chapter in your lives. Trust me, I myself have experienced this personally. Your friends, your family, and your Realtor (me) will get you through this.